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General Office Cleaning

Our guidelines are designed to enable us to achieve your goals, and most of all, a 1st Class Clean!


- Dust all blinds and vents


- Wipe switch plates, ledges, sills and mirrors


- Wipe all desks, tables, counters, furniture and all contents (ex. telephones, computers, lamps, etc.)


- Empty all trash/recycling and place in dumpster or specified area.


We understand that restrooms are of special concern to you

and your employees. Our objective is to keep them clean, sanitized

and fresh on a consistent basis.


- Clean all mirrors

- Sanitize switch plates, hand rails and toilet paper holders

- Clean counters and contents (ex. Soap dish)

- Clean and sanitize entire toilet

- Wipe all ledges, hardware and surface around the hardware

Entrance & Reception Area

We believe that special attention should be given to this area to insure favorable impression to everyone who enters your facility.


- Glass in entrance doors cleaned inside and out


- Partitions cleaned on each side to remove smudges and fingerprints.


- Water fountains are cleaned, sanitized and polished


- Wipe table, chairs, (placing chairs uniformly under table), all furniture and their contents

Lunchroom, Kitchen & Coffee Areas

Each employee should feel like they are home away from home when

dining in.  In order to provide a pleasant, attractive atmosphere for your employees, these areas will be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.


- Clean outside of refrigerator


- Clean inside and outside of microwave


- Clean and sanitize sink and polish faucets


- Dust all blinds, vents, light fixtures and recessed lighting


- Wipe switch plates, ledges, sills and mirrors


- Clean tables, chairs, all furniture, counters and contents






We know that keeping carpets and non-carpeted flooring looking its best on a daily basis can be a real hassle. With a cleaning plan devised specifically for your facility, 1st Class Cleaning carefully cleans all corners along with baseboards of the room to ensure that your floors look refreshed and renewed each day. Our thorough cleaning process leaves no sticky residue left behind, only a smooth 1st Class Clean!


- Sweep and Mop smooth surfaces flooring each service


- Vacuum all carpets to remove debris and bacteria



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