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Mission Statement &

Business Philosophy

Act with integrity in all that we do: without integrity, the foundations of business and life crumbles.


Respect Everyone, everywhere: whether we are working with a customer, a secretary, a senior executive or security guard.  Respect knows no boundaries.


We provide individual opportunity and accountability: As leaders, we need to actively include diversity in our thought process.  Diversity or inclusion here at 1st Class Cleaning, it is the same concept. Being inclusive expands our horizons and our business. 


We believe that every customer should be treated with the highest respect and regard.  Without the customer we would have no reason to exist as a company.  We also recognize that our customers are the people we deliver to, the people we deliver for, and the people that deliver for us. 


We believe in a complete partnership with our client.  We must work together as a team to reach the end result we all desire.  No request is too unreasonable, as there is always a way to get the job done to everyone's satisfaction.


We also believe in a complete partnership with our employees. We manage our teams in a way that affords them the opportunity to share in the success of our operation. Developing people, treating them with respect, encouraging their talents and input... these are trends that research has proven to build strong companies and give them the competitive edge. The philosophy is; serve the employees first and success with clients will follow. 


We are committed to representing our client in a way that will increase business through superior customer service. 


It is our mission to provide excellent cleaning and customer service to our client's facilities. 


We will treat our client's facilities with value, respect and honor, while providing a 1st Class Cleaning on every visit.


Our motto: "Quality Without Compromise!"

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