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Specialized Services

Restore Floors

Restoring your floors could be a real hassle.  With the help of 1st Class Cleaning, we can get your floors looking 1st Class Approved!


-Strip, Seal, Wax, Buff

Carpet Cleaning

Although  you can't see it, carpets can become a real dirt monster. We want to help extend the life of your carpet

by keeping it looking new and smelling fresh. We at 1st Class Cleaning want to help you get rid of that unseen dirt, dust, and sand.


-Vacuum carpets to remove surface debris


-Shampoo/Deodorize carpets


-Steam Clean carpets

Automotive Shop Floors

We at 1st Class Cleaning know that oil can become a slippery mess. We can help prevent oil build-up as well as provide a safe working environment for your technicians.


-Sweep all trash, oil, waste debris from the floor of the service area


-Scrub and wash floors for a clean 1st Class finish

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